Airport/Aerodrom Ljubljana


The main and largest Slovenian airport is an excellent choice for your travels to Europe and destinations around the world.

Nine airlines are connecting Ljubljana in summer timetable 2016 with more than 200 scheduled flights per week directly to 24 European destinations, which include European hubs, from which you can travel all around the world.
There is also a wide range of charter flights, especially to popular destinations in the Mediterranean (Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia).

Find the special flight offers from Ljubljana Airport.

You will be able to enjoy at Ljubljana Airport a diverse range of shops, catering establishments and a play area for your children. The visitors’ terrace offers a breathtaking view – there is always something going on the apron. Ljubljana Airport will make you feel welcome and enable you a pleasant start to your journey.

For more information, visit their website and stay connected on their Facebook page for special flight offers, prize-winning games and airport behind the scenes.

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