Rosental / Ferlach

Already from the castle Hollenburg you see the historical place where for centuries the gunsmiths craft is at home.
Ferlach is located in the middle of the pine woods(once called because of the pine Vörelach) is located at the foothills of the Karawanken mountains in the Carnica-Region Rosental.

The large water and forest wealth, which was very early of economic importance, characterizes our area. This still intact landscape contributes significantly to that Ferlach is a popular holiday and leisure paradise. In addition to a wide selection of leisure activities our city can also come up with excellent educational opportunities.

Stadtgemeinde Ferlach
Kirchgasse 5,
A-9170 Ferlach
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Tel.: 0043 4227 2600
Fax: 0043 4227 2311

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