LjubljanaDunjaWedamLjubljana is characterised by a rich tradition, a young lifestyle, creative culture, numerous local parks and a feeling for entertainment. The city residents as well as many visitors say that Ljubljana is a city on a human scale. Although Ljubljana belongs to the medium-sized European cities, it maintains the friendliness of a small city but at the same time has everything a large capital city has to offer.

Places of interest

Ljubljana’s appearance today is partially distinguished by the Italian baroque era and partially by Art Nouveau (secession). The latter can be seen in many buildings, which emerged after the earthquake of 1895. The world famous architect Jože Plečnik also provided his hometown Ljubljana with a strong personal imprint in the first half of the 20th century. Later, the cityscape was created by his students but also by creations from young Slovenian architects of the "new wave".

Culture and art

Four Slovenian regions converge in Ljubljana. Therefore, you can find restaurants and inns in the city and its surrounding areas, which offer a great variety to choose from. From traditional Slovenian meals to countless types of cuisine from other countries. Traditional Slovenian cuisine but also its modern further development is distinguished by a large variety of regional specialities in a relatively small geographical region.

Culinary art

In Ljubljana treffen vier slowenische Regionen zusammen. In der Stadt und ihrer Umgebung finden Sie deshalb Restaurants und Gaststätten mit sehr vielfältigem Angebot. von traditionellen slowenischen Gerichten bis hin zu zahlreichen Küchen anderer Länder. Die traditionelle slowenische Küche, aber auch ihre moderne Weiterentwicklung ist durch eine breite Vielfalt an regionalen Besonderheiten in einem relativ kleinen geografischen Raum geprägt.


You can find a wide range of shops and special offers in Ljubljana all year round. In addition to the large shopping centres on the outskirts of the city, experiencing shopping in the city centre, which is characterized by boutiques, can also be recommended. Here, you can find products from well-known brands, original souvenirs and gifts, interesting creations by Slovenian designers, artwork and much more.

Entertainment and night life

Ljubljana is a medium-sized European city. However, this does not mean that it is boring. The city is always alive and has a great deal to offer – for families with small children as well as for those looking to spend a nice evening out with some entertainment in one of the clubs. One of the special things Ljubljana has to offer is the large number of free outdoor events. City life is also strongly characterised by alternative creativity.

More information: www.visitljubljana.com/de/

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