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1. Website content
The author does not assume any liability for the provided information being up-to-date, accurate, complete or qualitatively irreproachable. Liability claims against the author, which apply to material or intellectual damages or loss, which were caused by the use or disuse of the provided information or by the use of inaccurate or incomplete information are categorically excluded, provided that it cannot be verified that the author acted wilfully or with gross negligence. All services are subject to change and non-binding. The author explicitly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete portions of the website or the entire range of services without separate notice or to temporarily or definitively discontinue the publication.

2. References and links 
In the event of direct or indirect references to external websites (hyperlinks), which do not lie within the author’s responsibility, the author is only liable in the case that the author is aware of the contents and it would haven been just and reasonable as well as technically possible for the author to prevent the use in the event of illegal contents. The author hereby expressly declares that no illegal contents were able to be detected on the linked websites at the time the links were inserted. The author has no influence on the current or future configuration, contents or authorship of the linked sites. Therefore, the author hereby expressly distances him- or herself from all contents of all linked sites, which were changed after the insertion of the links. This statement applies to all links and references inserted on the author’s own website as well as to third party entries in guest books set up by the author, forums, link indexes, mailing lists and in all other forms of data bases, in which the contents thereof enable external write accesses. Solely the provider of the site referred to is liable for illegal, inaccurate or incomplete contents and in particular for damages or loss, which result from the use or disuse of such provided information and not the person, who merely refers to the respective publication via links.

3. Copyright and trademark law
The author strives to observe the copyrights of the applied graphics, audio and video clips as well as texts in all publications, to use graphics, audio and video clips as well as texts created by the author or to resort to unlicensed graphics, audio and video clips as well as texts. All brands and trademarks named on the website and as the case may be, protected by third parties, are subject to the provisions of the respectively effective trademark laws without any restrictions and the titles of the respectively registered title bearers. The mere mentioning of a brand or trademark does not constitute drawing the conclusion that said brand or trademark is not protected by third party rights! The copyright for published objects created by the author, remain solely with the author of the website. The duplication or use of such graphics, audio and video clips as well as texts in other electronic or printed publications is prohibited without the explicit consent of the author.

4. Data privacy
Insofar as there is the option of providing personal or business data (email addresses, names, addresses) on the website, the disclosure of said data is explicitly carried out on a voluntary basis on the part of the user.  The use and payment of all offered services is – insofar as just and reasonable as well as technically possible – also permitted without the provision of such data or by using anonymised data or a pseudonym. It is prohibited for third parties to use the contact data published in line with the company information such as postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers as well as email addresses or similar information for the transmission of information, which was not specifically requested. The right to take legal action against the senders of so-called spam mails (electronic junk mail) in the event of violating this prohibition is explicitly reserved.

5. Validity of this disclaimer
This disclaimer must be regarded as a part of the website from which this site was referred to. Insofar as parts or individual wording of this text do/does not, no longer or not completely comply with the effective legal situation, the content or validity of the remaining parts of the document are not affected therefrom.

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